A downloadable game for Windows and macOS

John Mambo “Pacifying the world” will bring new life (and death) to the good old arcade games from the 90's. The levels are hand-drawn pixelated, with a 16bits aesthetic look that commemorate the playability of masterpieces like “Ikari Warriors” “Commando” “Mercs”... 

-Crazy shooting isometric Arcade, full of bloody explosions. 

-Strategic/Stealth action; choose your path to complete the mission. 

-Surreal humor from an atypical clumsy hero. 



Development log


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not possible to install... please repair it! i need to play this game!!! ;-)

Hello Durum, what platform  are you using, Mac or windows? 

Due restrictions of some browsers, the link doesn't open correctly.. If you encounter this problem you can go directly to:


Enjoy :)

i cant download :(

Hello Ronz.

Some internet browsers blocked our download link, you can find the demo at:


Thanks :)

It was really fun to play i laught about this hero :) I found Waldo in the game!