A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

John Mambo “Pacifying the world” will bring new life (and death) to the good old arcade games from the 90's. The levels are hand-drawn pixelated, with a 16bits aesthetic look that commemorate the playability of masterpieces like “Ikari Warriors” “Commando” “Mercs”... 

-Crazy shooting isometric Arcade, full of bloody explosions. 

-Strategic/Stealth action; choose your path to complete the mission. 

-Surreal humor from an atypical clumsy hero. 


JohnMamboLinux.zip 91 MB

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not possible to install... please repair it! i need to play this game!!! ;-)

Hello Durum, what platform  are you using, Mac or windows? 

Hi Efebe

I use itch.io on Windows 10 64 Bit. Just clicking on "install game", but it doesn't start to download it. after several seconds "install game"-button appear again without a install possibility. 

PC version: http://www.ictiongames.com/demos/JohnMamboPC.rar

You don't need to install anything. You only have to execute the .exe file. 

Make sure taht both files (the exe file and data file) are in the same folder when you execute the game.

Good Luck!

Due restrictions of some browsers, the link doesn't open correctly.. If you encounter this problem you can go directly to:


Enjoy :)

i cant download :(

Hello Ronz.

Some internet browsers blocked our download link, you can find the demo at:


Thanks :)

It was really fun to play i laught about this hero :) I found Waldo in the game!